Gloria & Gloriette - Die Kamera

Niemals selten manchmal immer (Never Rarely Sometimes Always) - engl. OmU

USA 2020
Regie: Eliza Hittman
Darsteller*innen: Sidney Flanigan, Talia Ryder, Ryan Eggold, Sharon Van Etten, Théodore Pellerin, Drew Seltzer

Original Version with German subtitles

Autumn is 17. She has grown up in a working-class environment in rural Pennsylvania where life is uneventful. Now, faced with an unintended pregnancy, she is certain that she cannot rely on her family for support. However, her cousin Skylar, with whom she shares the burden of having to put up with a sleazy supervisor at their tedious part-time job, is just the companion she needs to “fix” her situation. Together they set off across state lines to New York City. Outstanding newcomers Sidney Flanigan and Talia Ryder embody the young women with a natural talent that director Eliza Hittman succeeds in turning into a masterpiece of emotional precision. The crucial scene that gives Never Rarely Sometimes Always its title will surely become a staple of feminist cinema. Recognising your own alienation goes hand in hand with bursting through it. This is a process which, like a glass cage shattering into millions of tiny pieces, is both painful and spectacular to behold. (Berlinale 2020)


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